About the KAJET Team

President: Josh Bruan


Hi everyone! My name is Josh and I am the 2018-19 KAJET President. I am a 3rd year Canadian ALT. I’m based in Chiran, Minamikyushu City in the South Satsuma block. Chiran is a small but beautiful town known for its lush green tea fields, peace museum, samurai gardens, a soba making workshop, and unexpectedly, a British tea house for any tea and scone cravings. My main base of operations is my town’s junior high school with frequent visits to my town’s 7 other elementary schools. In my spare time, I like to drink tea (my favourite is jasmine), watch videos (probably about doggoes) on YouTube, do yoga, or chill at the peak of Mt. Ono. My favourite Japanese food is Goya soup curry, even if I have difficulty surviving their level 0 spice…

I’m really looking forward to working as part of KAJET this year! As President, I will be active in running KAJET effectively and with focus. I will lead the committee to best utilize our strengths, resources, and creativity to fulfill our goals of running great events and bringing our Kagoshima community together. Living in Kagoshima is amazing, and has its challenges. Please feel free to reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram, or on the KAJET email with any concerns, suggestions, or to go cafe hunting. I’d love to hear from you.

Vice President: Nicole Ehlers

NicoleI am excited to take on this year with my fellow friendly senpais.  I want to encourage events in various parts of the prefecture to get people out of their comfort zones (as if moving to Japan wasn’t enough…).
I enjoy food – cooking it, eating it, learning about it.  I am always keen to try a new café or an interesting looking dish.
I did my undergrad in Journalism and a post-grad teaching certificate in English, so after JET, I would like to continue teaching, or look at publishing or broadcast.  But if Disneyland offered me a job, I would do just about anything for them.

Secretary: Gabby Klein


I’m Gabby Klein, currently serving as KAJET’s secretary. I’m from Seattle, Washington in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Growing up among the trees, mountains, and of course next to the sea has left me with a life-long passion for exploration—specifically hiking. I arrived in Kagoshima in the summer of 2017 and set out to climb every mountain (you may start to hear the Sound of Music while reading this, don’t be alarmed.) So far, I’ve been to Mt. Aso, Karakunidake, Kaimondake, Takakuma (near Kanoya) and most major treks on Yakushima Island. I’m always seeking another adventure, so if you’re looking for a buddy to hike around with please gimme a shout 🙂

One of my core beliefs is that we are all connected as humans. I am because you are too. My connection to KAJET stems from this and my want to build a strong community for all of us here in Kagoshima. I am open to any questions, concerns, maybe some healthy venting if that needs to happen–I am all ears, with some additional heart and love to give as well. Please find me on Facebook, in person, or next to the sea in little Shibushi.

Treasurer: Kyran Samy

Kee run

Hi, I’m Kyran Samy!

I’m British but I was born in Germany. Japan is the fifth country I’ve called home. I live in Satsumasendai and teach in Junior High and Elementary schools. My biggest school is over 800 students, and my smallest is just 23, so I teach in quite a range of places. I studied chemistry at university but teaching is a welcome change, and something I feel great affinity for. I also love being in a part of Japan that not many visitors see. This year I’m taking on the role of Treasurer in the KAJET committee, and am looking forward to working with everyone to maintain the thriving community of ALTs around the prefecture.


Events Coordinator: Staci Custus


Hello! My name is Staci Custus! I am from New York in America and I’ve been an ALT for 2 years. I live in Kirishima City and work at elementary and junior high schools.

I love visiting onsens, enjoying nature in Kagoshima, and spending time with my students! In my free time, I like to travel, write short stories, listen to K-Pop (mostly BTS \(^_^)/), and freak out when our frequently angry volcanoes erupt. Out of all the places I have travelled to in Japan, I will say that Kagoshima have always been my favourite! I cannot image being anywhere else right now.

Going into my second year as the Events Coordinator, I feel more confident and comfortable in the position. I believe that my first year in this position was a great learning experience and now I want to take that experience and help build a strong foundation for not only this upcoming KAJET term, but for the future KAJET community.

Communications Coordinator: Stuart Cleverdon


Hi! I’m Stuart, and I’m a second year ALT in Satsuma Sendai, and I’m KAJET’s communications coordinator this year. I’m 23, from Lancashire, England, and I studied History at King’s College, London. I (very) briefly studied the Satsuma-British War, and upon revealing that in my JET interview, I was dispatched to sunny Kagoshima.

Kagoshima is a truly gorgeous place to live, and there is a vast amount of natural beauty to explore and enjoy. The landscape feels incredibly dramatic, like Scotland if someone broke the thermostat. I have a particular soft spot for Imuta Pond, as it is right above one of my schools, has some wonderful views, and can be a surprisingly challenging hike at points.

I love to play music (mainly guitar and singing, but I also play flute when I feel like punishing the neighbours), hike, read, drink, and watch Terrace House, which is the best thing on Japanese television. My main goal while in Japan is to have a wonderful time, while getting my Japanese up to a level where I don’t have to give myself a pep talk before having a conversation. Please don’t hesitate to send me a message for any reason, I’m more than happy to chat!

Community Coordinator: Sarah Ferrer


Hello! My name is Sarah, I’m KAJET’s new community coordinator!

I’m from Miami and I’m currently teaching high school students on Amami Oshima! My high schoolers drive me crazy sometimes, but it’s hard to stay upset living on this beautiful island! I studied ceramics in college and I’m currently apprenticing under a local ceramicist on the island! When I’m not busy with work or studio I like to spend time with my friends and work on other arts and crafts.

As community coordinator I’ll try my best to make events as enjoyable as possible! I want to create spaces where everyone feels comfortable to communicate and have fun in. I will help coordinate unforgettable events and unforgettable memories! Although I’m really far from most of the JETs in Kagoshima, I’ll do my best to make the distance between us all seem shorter. I hope I can strengthen the bonds with in our community! Thanks for reading! Let’s have a fun time together!

Contact any of the above KAJET members at kagoshima@ajet.net, or submit a comment in our website’s Contact section.