Welcome to Kagoshima!

ようこそ鹿児島へ!Welcome to Kagoshima!

Kagoshima is the southernmost prefecture in Kyushu. It is home to a majestic volcano, Sakurajima, which is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The volcano is located in Kagoshima Bay (also known as Kinko Bay). Sakurajima is famous for producing one of the world’s smallest oranges, the komikan, and the world’s largest radishes, the Sakurajima Daikon. Additionally, Kagoshima is full of nature, friendly people, and delicious food.


The Prefecture consists of two major peninsulas (Satsuma and Osumi) and about 30 islands. Famous islands include Yakushima (a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site), Tanegashima (home of the Japan Space Program), and Amami Oshima.


Kagoshima ranges from temperate to sub-tropical climate. Spring and Autumn are temperate, and there is a short winter. The rainy season in June leads to extremely hot and humid summers. Typhoon season runs from June to October. During winter, the temperature will drop to 0 degrees C (32 degrees F), while the summers reach over 32 degrees C (90 degrees F).


If there is one thing to know about Japan, it is the fact that the Japanese are proud of their regional food and products. Kagoshima is certainly no exception!


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Kagoshima is famous for black pork, black beef, black chicken, black sugar…. Kagoshima loves its black foods! In Kagoshima, charcoal is often used in cuisine (It is said to cleanse the body of toxins), so you can find black ramen, as well as chicken sumiyaki. Besides the black cuisine, there is Torisashi (yes, raw chicken) and Satsuma Age (fried fish cake). For desert there is the famous Shirokuma (shaved ice, with sweet and condensed milk and fruit) which is decorated to look like a white bear.



If you ask Japanese people to state one fact about Kagoshima, it will be that “Everyone drinks Shochu.” Kagoshima has a specialty shochu that is made with Satsuma Sweet Potatoes. It is a strong liquor  similar to vodka. People often drink it on ice or mixed with water. You can buy it everywhere, and it is often the preferred drink at enkais.


Along with shochu, Kagoshima Prefecture is one of the top prefectures that produces green tea. A famous tea is Chiran-cha which comes from Chiran City in Minami Kyushu. Instead of fields of rice, tea covers the countryside.


There are many specialty crafts available here. Famous products include Satsuma cut glass, Oshima Tsumugi Fabric, and Satsumayaki (pottery). For more information on these products, please explore:


Welcome to Kagoshima! We hope that you will grow to love it as much as we do. This is a beautiful region of the country and we looking forward to seeing you soon. We hope your first few weeks go well and that you quickly become comfortable living here. If you have any questions do not hesitate to e-mail us at kagoshima@ajet.net!


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