Cockroaches Suffer No Fools

You. I know you. You think you know bugs. After all, you’ve been to summer camp. You’re from an equatorial climate. Your grandma’s house was nasty. There’s no tricks these critters can pull that you havent seen before.

Well. I’m here to tell you, you dont know jack.

Japanese bugs go hardcore – probably because most Japanese buildings lack an insulating layer, and keep their windows open 24/7 in summer – and if you dont go hardcore too, they’ll take over your apartment.

In the city, cockroaches will be your biggest problem. Japanese roaches are smaller than their mainland cousins, but Jesus, are they persistent. They get everywhere. That lack of an insulating layer means they can live right in your drywall and have easy access to your space. Access they’ll readily exploit. My guess is they’re Catholic, too, because they breed like the Good Lord commands. For every one you see in your kitchen, there’s probably 100 more.

But don’t panic! You can fight back. My advice, besides general good hygiene?

Go chemical.

Roach traps are your new best friends; spread liberally around your apartment. And for those truly stubborn nests, there’s always the nuclear option; the dreaded “Varsan.” Absolutely guaranteed to kill anything that walks on more than 2 legs; available now at a drug store near you.

TL;DR – The roaches here don’t play. Treat them with indifference, and they’ll eat you whole. Become the moster they warn their larva about, though, and you may just keep your home your own.

Happy squashing!

13559092_10210005640840703_7524326961065279350_oDave Byrnes is a second year ALT in Kagoshima City.